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Ronald B. House, Ph.D. is presently the President and CEO of Nonprofit Management Simulations, Inc. The company designs learning simulations for higher education.

He is the author of the Not-For-Profit Management Simulation. It is an online web instruction course that simulates the management of a community services 501 (c) 3 organization for a period of six months. Designed for graduate students, the simulation maybe offered as an academic course for the classroom or a distance learning course using the Internet. (See www.simulationhouse for a detailed description.) Dr. House has a doctoral degree from Cornell University in Human Service Studies, Organizational Behavior and Labor Relations; he holds M. Ed. and Bachelor's degrees from Springfield College. In recognition of his work in continuing education, he received the "Lifetime Achievement Award" in 2005 from the NYS Rehabilitation Association.

Before his employment at Cornell University, Dr. House worked for a variety of businesses and government agencies. In 1965 he was a public administration intern with the Commissioner of the NYS Department of Labor for three years. He became the Department's liaison to the Cornell Industrial & Labor Relations School, designing management programs for state officials. In 1969 he was offered a position at the I&LR School.

While at Cornell University, he was on the faculty of the NYS School of Industrial and Labor Relations and the College of Human Ecology. Dr. House has developed several management simulations for not-for profit organizations, and has published research and management articles on the management of human service organizations. During his thirty years at Cornell he developed several teaching simulations for use in continuing education. The simulations included how to manage a community rehabilitation program, managing supported employment, an independent living center, a girl scout council, an urban housing development for Long Island, and a simulation on hospital administration human resource programs. The Community Rehabilitation Simulation developed by Dr. Wasmuth and Dr. House was adopted by ten colleges and universities for degree programs and continuing education programs and became famous as the "Cornell Game".

During his thirty years at Cornell he obtained over $20 million in federally funded national and regional training projects in nonprofit management for Community Rehabilitation, Independent Living, Supported Employment, Community Resident Training, Human Service Management and Technical Assistance. He has taught graduate courses on managing a not-for-profit organization and conducted research on nonprofit management, human resource management, boards of directors, and community service organizations. He retired from Cornell in 1996 for health reasons but in 1997 became a director of the Continuing Education Rehabilitation Management Program at the University at Buffalo. In 2000 he won the national competition for the National Research and Rehabilitation Training Center for Nonprofit Management -I L M Project, Department of Education, NIDRR and became the co-principal investigator. Dr. House has conducted international training courses in Canada and Europe and serves on state and federal advisory boards on disability policy. He has published several research articles and has been an editor of the Rehabilitation Journal, and published over hundred management and employee short-term training manuals. He was President of the organization of Colleges and Universities with Federal Grant Programs in Disability Services.


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