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The "Not-for-Profit Management: A Simulation" (2014) is an online web instruction course that has the option of being supplemented with classroom meetings and digital lectures. The not-for-profit simulation course allows the student/participant the opportunity to exercise management decisions in a realistic, community-based, service environment.

As the simulation is designed to prepare managers of not-for-profit organizations, the model organization includes both human service and business functions; the performance outcomes are defined and quantifiable. The model for the simulation is a community services organization that has service programs and a business component; it is representative of many types of human service organizations.

The simulation is based on discovery learning; it provides practical experiences to develop in-depth knowledge of the concepts of strategic management through problem identification and problem solving. Information for the design of the simulation was obtained from descriptive research studies, as well as interviews with executive directors. Also, secondary data were analyzed to obtain a profile of the people being served, programs being offered, and business functions. Interviews and information were obtained from over ten states and were helpful in designing the community-based simulation, shaping strategies, and understanding operational practices.

Contact: Ronald B. House. Ph.D. for additional information at or Tel. (352) 843-8998
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